Indigo Caribbean Villa with Private Pool

Our Indigo villa offers heightened luxury, exquisite views and an Anguilla experience that you’ll never forget from this stunning Caribbean villa and the private pools.

Indigo is one of our three luxury Anguilla villas with a private pool for you to enjoy during your stay.

Offering not only one, but two exclusive pools, you’ll be able to enjoy the heat of the day and cool of the Caribbean evenings in complete comfort.

Main Pool

Located at the rear of the villa, this pool offers complete privacy in the picturesque surrounds of the stunning garden.

The pool is a generous size with enough space for all the house guests to enjoy with plenty of garden space for activities when you’re not in the pool.

Not only is there plenty of greenery and space around the pool for activities, but there is also poolside furniture for you to relax on during the day, or to enjoy the sunset on in the evening.

Indigo villa anguilla with pool

Outdoor pool. Luxry villa Anguilla

Second Pool

The second pool at the Indigo villa is a smaller, much more private pool that has a romantic, balcony style setting with a view of the beautiful Caribbean Sea.

Located at the side of the house, the secondary pool has a pool house and poolside area for sunbathing and relaxing.

Luxury villa Anguilla with outdoor pool

When you’re not taking a dip in the pool, there’s still plenty for you to do whilst you’re enjoying Anguilla. Indigo offers a private gym, tennis court and of course you’ll be able to go down to the stunning beach.

For more information about Indigo or any of our other Caribbean villas with private pool areas, please contact us.