The food is an integral part of the Indigo experience, we provide all our guests with the ultimate in fine dining and exquisite cuisine.

The dining and meals at Indigo are legendary throughout the Caribbean. Our Chefs are on hand to create the ultimate gastronomic experience for our guests.

We are able to provide our guests with a variety of different dining areas at Indigo from a candlelit poolside meal to enjoying a beach barbecue, to fine dining in the charming waterside gazebo.

A recent guest commented:

I wanted to highlight a few notable things. First, “Chef” is incredible. My wife and I have eaten at countless top restaurants over the years and we are not easily impressed but I must say he amazed us every day and there was seemingly nothing he couldn’t prepare to perfection.

At Indigo we are able to provide the guests with a variety of options and dinner settings.

There is the main terrace indoor/outdoor area which is fabulous spot for a large family dinner.

We also have the covered dining gazebo in the gardens for a beautiful dinner setting.

There is also the option of romantic candlelit dinners in various positions throughout the resort for 2 or more people.






We are incredibly proud of our staff and the service we give to all of our guests at Indigo. It is what sets Indigo apart from an ordinary Villa or hotel stay. Our staffs really are on hand to take care of your every need.

Your island is gorgeous, and the house is amazing, but the staff is what made the sun rise and set. You made us feel like rock stars”. Y’all are so welcoming and ALWAYS had a smile on your faces. The word “no” did not exist the week we spent in Anguilla. I felt so pampered