The Ultimate American Road Trip

Going on an epic road trip is something that many of us have dreamed of doing at some point or another, and the ultimate American road trip may well be on your list of things to do.

Whether it’s in between graduating and starting a career, taking a sabbatical and heading for warmer climes for a summer, or enjoying retirement by hitting the road and seeing as many different places as possible, a road trip is a great way of travelling around a country, or a few countries, and seeing and expiring different cultures, traditions and climates on your own schedule and pace.

The USA is an amazing place, with an incredible six time zones and a wide range of different climates and landscapes all within one country. From vast mountain ranges to open salt flats, the heat of Hawaii to the frost of Alaska, the United States offer incredible natural sights and superb landmarks and architecture for you to see and enjoy.

Check out our guide of the Ultimate American Road Trip

ultimate american road trip infographic

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We told you it was the ‘ultimate’ American road trip! This trip is a tourism enthusiasts dream, taking you all around the United States of America.

Here are some key facts and stats about how this stateside road trip will play out.

What You’ll See

Starting in New York at Statue of Liberty, working your way all around the USA and eventually coming right back around to Liberty Island, over the course of the three month road trip you will travel a grand total of 14185.2 miles (22828.86km) across 48 of the 50 states in America. As you drive across the various U.S territories you will visit 25 National Historic Landmarks and see 12 of America’s National Parks.

Make sure that your camera has plenty of life in it, as you’ll see five world-famous monuments and you’ll visit three historic districts during your trip.  You’ll also visit two National Natural Landmarks and see one National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark – something to look forward to.

What You’ll Spend

You might think that the ultimate American road trip will cost have the ultimate price… and you’d be absolutely right to think that.

Here’s a break down of the cost of our road trip:

  • $1365.24 on attractions and sight-seeing
  • $10,800.90 on accommodation
  • $4,500 on food and drink (of course, this all depends on how hungry and thirsty you are!)
  • $5,683.73 on car rental and the cost of fuel

All in all you’ll be spending an approximate grand total of $21,899.87 on our ultimate American road trip. This works out as £17288.92 or €20384.30.