Year: 2017

What to do when visiting Anguilla

There may be over 7,000 islands within the Caribbean, but there are few like Anguilla. With its exclusive reputation, stunning white beaches, and perfect climate, it’s no surprise that this island is known to be a paradise destination for many worldwide. So, what to do when you’re in Anguilla? Let’s find out. Where to go […]

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A Guide to Caribbean Music

When you think of the Caribbean you may think of beautiful beaches, great weather or delicious cuisines. However, if there is one thing that truly reflects the heart and passion of the area it is the Caribbean music. The Caribbean is made up of over 28 nations, each with a rich and varied cultural heritage; gaining […]

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A Guide to Caribbean Food

The Caribbean is renowned for great music, great people and great carnivals! With a rich multi-cultural heritage stemming from European nations such as Britain, France, and Spain as well as African and Asian countries it is no surprise that the Caribbean nations are diverse and unique. In recent times, it has become known for its […]

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